In order to join OPTIX you must make sure that:

  • You have an AS Number regisered with RIPE (for EU) or the appropriate RIR authority for your country.
  • You have all networks announced registered in the RIR database with proper IRR Entries
  • You don't proxy-arp on any peering VLANs.
  • Only respond to ARP requests for the address which they have been assigned.
  • Only use one source mac-address on the pyshical connection they have with OPTIX
  • You announce the same set of routes to the RS that you would normally advertise to a regular peer via OPTIX
  • Your use of OPTIX services are not detrimental to other members use.
  • You must not install sniffers or similar software/devices for traffic passing through OPTIX
  • OPTIX is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss of any asset or value due to an outage of OPTIX

OPTIX reserves the right to terminate the IX Connection without notice in the event of a member exporting subnet(s) not authorized by the owner or users of related subnets. (eg. announcement of subnets not own and not related to his downstream )