Without the assistance of our Sponsors, OPTIX Exchange would not be as large as it is today, and we do appriciate our Sponsors for their contributions. If you wish to sponsor a location or provide resources etc. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Below is a list of our Current Sponsors and their contributions.

Sponsor Location Service/Item
iFog (FogNet) Frankfurt, DE
Winterthur, CH
Amsterdam, NL
Sandefjord, NO
VLAN Administration
Virtua.Cloud Paris, FR
Lille, FR
VLAN Administration
ServPerso.net Düsseldorf, DE VLAN Administration
Micro-Node Düsseldorf
C1VHosting Rome, IT Route Server
VLAN Administration
FreeRangeCloud Vancouver, CA VLAN Administration
Navice Consulting - RouteServer ASN
Optix Transit Multi-Location Route Servers, Transit
IPv6 Subnetting
CloudNX Seoul, KR Route Server
ASN Registration
Revosta Brussels, BE Route Server
VLAN Administration
fixmix Technologies Shanghai, CN Route Server
ZappieHost Auckland, NZ Route Server
NetworkPresence Adelaide, AU Route Server